Private Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to learn a musical instrument. With a little bit of gumption and practice, you’ll be jammin’ out in no time.

Lessons are held on a weekly basis and last a half hour. We can have the lessons here at Berry Patch Studio, or Rebecca can travel to you in your own home!


Piano is the best place for most students to start. Piano teaches dexterity and offers a basic roadmap to music.

I start my piano students out on Alfred’s Basic Piano Library, which includes note reading, interval recognition, singing-while-playing, and music theory. I learned on these books when I was a child, and these books have led to great progress in my own students.


I start my students out by learning the proper way to hold a guitar and correct hand positioning. Students hit the ground running by learning chords, so they’re playing songs within their first few weeks. As with piano, I teach instrument topography so the student becomes familiar with their instrument.


Learning how to properly use your voice involves diaphragm technique, correct posture, and muscle development. Each voice is different and has different needs, so the student’s interests and goals inform which techniques we cover. Rebecca teaches classical vocal practices and rolls those techniques into rock-n-roll, folk, and jazz methods.



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