Music Lessons for the Sweet Life

Customized to the student's goals, curiosities, and inspirations.

Rebecca CHD blog imageHi! I’m Rebecca McCusker, the teacher here at Berry Patch Studio. I started taking piano lessons when I was 6 years old, and it was the start of a life-long love of music. I have fond memories of music teachers that have changed my life, and I love passing on that tradition to my own students. I have five years of teaching experience and 21 years as a musician. I’m in a folk-rock band called Linden Hollow, and we just released our first album.

My philosophy:

  • To instill excitement and love of music in my students by encouraging creativity, song-writing, and experimentation with sound.
  • To encourage healthy playing habits that include posture and hand positioning. For voice, I focus on hydration, respect for the larynx, and correct technique.
  • To teach note reading through interval recognition, studying the musical staff, playing sight-reading games, and learning instrument topography.
  • To create an individual experience that suits each student’s personality and musical goals.


The Space

We can have lessons at Berry Patch Studio (above), or I can travel to your house!

Berry Patch Studio is located five minutes from historic Canal Winchester in the countryside of Carroll. It is across the street from Chestnut Ridge Metropark.


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